How to use ticogo, 3 simple steps


Choose the number of destinations 

...or 'stages' would like to visit.  Two are already included for up to 5 people

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Complete our easy online Questionnaire 

...briefly tell us what your dream vacation would include.


Receive your Digital Travel Agenda

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Natural Blue Volcanic Waters

Natural Blue Volcanic Waters

Your Digital Travel Agenda is like your own personal Travel Dashboard

...complete with lodging, dining, transportation and activity options that are specifically provided around your preferences, budget and dates of travel.  With that, you can easily browse and select links to options you wish to book, or request concierge support to add or make changes as you go.  It is as simple as that!

let us prepare your ideal trip to costa rica 

for your concierge to prepare the best vacation possible, we recommend : 

  • Have confirmed dates for your planned travel, and even better if you have already booked your airline tickets.  This helps in finding lodging or activities that are available during your dates of travel for example.
  • Decide the number of destinations you wish to see or visit during your stay, as our rates are based on this. Unlike some other travel services, Ticogo does not accept commissions or kickbacks from travel providers, or try to increase your spend or duration of your stay.  Thus, you can trust that we are offering 100% objective advise without trying to steer you towards one decision over another.  To get the most out of Costa Rica without too much time in the car, we recommend approximately no more than two destinations or 'stages' per week, but we can certainly arrange a complete 'road-trip' with additional stops if you so desire or like moving daily from place to place.  Be aware, travel is different within Costa Rica, the map and geographic size of the country can be deceiving, always build in to allow additional time when driving from place to place.  Or we can design your trip around just one destination only to sit still and enjoy a piece of paradise without moving around at all.  'Destinations' are different places or types of places to visit within the country, such as a specific town or place you wanted to see, or as simple as ' Pacific Beach', or ' Mountain Cloud Forest' for example.  Two destinations are already included in our base pricing. More about Stages or Pricing? Click Here
  • Complete our questionnaire, This will only take a few minutes. Upon payment, you will receive a link to your personal information questionnaire.  This allows us to learn your preferences and what will serve you best regarding budgets, 'must-see' requests, number of people and other specifics.  

Your Ticogo Concierge will then contact you to review what we have in mind for your trip, and then will send your unique digital travel carnet.  This is an online document, complete with everything you need to choose and make your reservations.  

Your carnet includes for each destination an optional itinerary including propositions for lodging, dining, activities and transportation.

Caribbean Sunset

Caribbean Sunset

If you have specific requests, for groups, weddings, honeymoons or business travel, or if you are looking for themed travel such as bird-watching, biking, surfing, yoga or other activity, contact-us so that we can design the perfect scenario for you.