simple pricing for your own custom travel agenda :

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rates include :

Your own comprehensive customized digital carnet, an interactive travel agenda specific to your budget, preferences and dates of travel, including: 

Preliminary questionnaire  & profile analysis

Concierge Services before and during your travel

Complete lodging agenda including options with availability during your travel dates

Transportation options based on your preferred modes of travel  throughout Costa Rica

Dining suggestions for each stage of your trip  

Activity Suggestions and contacts

Recommendations and useful advice in-country

Travel Itineraries

Reservation assistance where needed

Concierge services via SMS throughout your stay*




Important notes regarding our services

  • Pricing is based on destinations or ' stages' as mentioned above, however, stays upon arrival or departure around the airport do not count of course and are included, in the base pricing as we understand that is often a matter of logistics and not a personal preference.  More about Stages & Pricing? Click Here.
  • Remember, pricing includes 2 stages or destinations already.  However, if you are not sure of the number of stages or destinations to choose, or which could best suit your preferences, please do not hesitate to ask, or mention that in your questionnaire.  For example,We normally would recommend only 2 per week to keep your driving hours down, but, for a 15-day vacation, we would probably recommend 4-5 destinations, or, a destination approximately every 3 days. It all depends on your personal questionnaire responses regarding the rythm of your travel and type of stay you wish to have.  We work with you on that from beginning to end.
  • Our base rates cover up to 5 people maximum, which generally is the amount possible to make use of 1 rental car.  If you have a larger family or group than this, contact us and we can design something based on your specific need.
  • All of our transactions are in US Dollars $ and thus, depending on the terms and conditions of your credit or banking card, may consider them as international transactions and charge a fee accordingly. 
  • Concierge Services:  Due to various roaming rules or other international limitations on digital communications, our concierge services while in-country are generally via SMS, or can use another agreed mode of communication before and during your stay based on mutual preference.  Communication may occur at any time of the day or night, but currently, we can only assure rapid responses between 8am and 6pm daily, local time while in Costa Rica.