What Are Stages?

How We price our itineraries

Stages are simply destinations within Costa Rica.  So each different place you book to spend the night counts as a 'stage' of your trip.  Ticogo is designed to let you choose how and where you want to travel throughout Costa Rica.  As such, we have designed our pricing structure around the work that requires to plan your custom travel.  Each different place you stay requires us to research thoroughly the available lodging, dining and activity options, around the season and the availability in a particular area.  Thus, a 'Stage' is basically a different place or location in which to stay.  Each additional place you wish to stay after the first two, will add an additional stage price to what we charge you.  It is just that, plain and simple, with no further hidden costs or biases.  The key item to note regarding stages is how much you want to be driving or moving around.  If you want to move around a lot, then you will want to choose a higher number of stages or destinations.  There is a minimum of two stages built into the base price already.  We recommend only 2-3 stages per week in order to have time to enjoy the places you visit.

We do not price to try and convince you to stay in one place vs. another, or choose anything based on commissions or anything else, we provide only what we would recommend to any of our friends and family using the preferences you give us on what or where you want to stay or do. So if you just want to stay in one or two places your entire trip, then our services are included in our flat $150 price.  If you want to drive or fly all over the country, and stay in 15 different places, then your cost would be $50 for each additional stage after the first 2.  Our Questionnaire process will take care of this for you.  If you do not know much about Costa Rica, and just want to take recommendations or, simply suggest ' I want to see mountains, rainforest, beaches and waterfalls' or something to that affect and we can build that in for you.  If you are not sure or have questions about it, send us a note and we can help!  That's it ! A very flat pricing structure with no hidden fees, no biased recommendations or attempts to steer you one way or another for commission from others.  You are our customer, we work for you and no one else.