why TICOGO ?

Caribbean Afternoon

Caribbean Afternoon

unique vacations, designed to taste

TICOGO provides a new way to plan travel throughout Costa Rica, truly customized to your personal tastes and budget.  Avoid scrolling aimlessly for hours on travel search engines, scrolling through repetitive pictures of hotel beds and sorted pricing lists.  If you are in need of something more than a travel engine can provide, but do not want to be wandering lost without internet or assistance, Ticogo can assist, and create a travel program that only a local could provide!  The stay that Ticogo designs is made entirely for you, specifically for you, for a trip that is uniquely yours, by providing customized travel agendas with concierge support for a simple low price.

truly objective ADVICE

As independent-minded travelers, we grew frustrated after spending hours researching our destination online, or using an agency, only to discover better advice and information on our own, after arrival when it was too late to make changes.  Online brokerage services seemed impersonal and uninformative, and sales agents often provided biased recommendations or 'packages' designed for the masses.  Further, many of those types of agencies operate on incentives or kickbacks from providers in order to steer the travelers towards their network of vendors instead of what is best for the traveler.  We concluded that, ideally the best way to travel is to have a reliable friend or family member on site to offer pure, unbiased advice on the best ways to travel, stay, eat and enjoy your trip.  Of course, this is not always possible everywhere, so we created TICOGO to serve as this friend or family member on the ground.  We offer an unbiased resource for advice, support and planning before and throughout your trip, so you don't have to wait until the end of the trip to realize it.

we are not a travel agency...

... nor a tour operator.  We do not sell or push minimum numbers of hotel nights, or group sizes, or specific tours.  We have no interest whatsoever in recommending one place or activity over another.  Our sole function is to provide you with activities that are a great fit for your specific preferences based on your feedback, and our experience or our past customer experiences.  We charge a flat price, based only on the number of destinations or 'stages' you wish to include in your trip. We take no commissions or kickbacks from other providers.  We want nothing more than for you to have a great experience in Costa Rica, one better suited and more efficiently chosen than endless scrolling online would achieve. 

save time and your peace of mind!

Organizing an entire trip or vacation in a country that you are unfamiliar with can be a mind-numbing experience.   Never-ending hours on the internet scrolling to determine which selection may be the best choice, which are up to your standards, which season is the best, or who you can trust... and only finding out after arrival that you regret some of your selections.  We know that often the best places or activities may not be on a directory or search engine.  So with TICOGO, you can avoid hours of research time that provide maybe only mediocre results, while reducing the chances for any nasty surprises.  

A fair price

Our rates are based only on the number of destinations or 'stages' you wish to include in your trip, as these are the elements that determine the amount of time your concierge would need to spend in preparing your itinerary. Such decisions depend uniquely on your personal preferences, the season you are traveling, and amount of time you plan to spend in Costa Rica.  These are the elements that make our services so unique and invaluable, we provide options specifically around your preferences, budget and season you are travelling in. Thus, you do not pay based on the amount you spend doing one thing or another, or based on the number of nights in a particular hotel, or the number of people. ( our rate already includes up to 5 people)  You will see that the cost per person ends up being more than competitive for the advice and concierge support you will receive.  More about Stages? Click Here.

the advantage of transparency

It is you who pay directly for all of your activities and reservations.  We do not outlay or group together customers with activities or tours or lodging options, or profit from what we recommend.  As is our policy, your concierge is not an intermediary and does not intervene in the financial transactions with service providers.  We are not hiding costs, or getting kickbacks or extra income for things we recommend to our clients.  We offer only our help and advice as a liaison in communicating, recommending, reserving or even negotiating something that works for you, your preferences and you budget, that's it!  So you know going in that you are saving hours of research planning, and getting purely objective support and advice before and thought your trip.

When our rental car broke down, it would have taken us an hour just to try and communicate where we were. In one hour TicoGo managed to get us back to the rental agency and a replacement car all in time to catch the ferry on time to our destination. Priceless!
— Irene Gonzales, Houston, Texas.